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Updated: May 29, 2018

Hello. My name is Ayumi Ueda, and I'm a singer, based in Boston and New York, performing with a mission to connect the world as one, through the power of singing.

As leader of an international vocal ensemble called "Women of the World," I sought to create a multicultural ensemble that not only crossed boundaries musically, but was committed to peace in its daily practice and interactions.

Constantly searching for new genres to explore, the ensemble has performs in 32 languages (and counting) including Bulgarian, Cuban, Ladino, Brazilian, Turkish, African, Haitian, Indian, Italian and Japanese music, and has extensively toured North America, Asia and Europe.

Through our music, Women of the World continues to serve as cultural ambassadors of peace and unity.

To continue and expand my journey to collaborate with other musicians from around the world, I have launched this project "100 Voices, 1 Heart” with the vision to deliver hope for peace, and reach out to as many people around the world as possible.

My goal, by the year 2020, is to create a platform through the creation of the "100 Voices, 1 Heart" Choir with singers from 100 different countries, in which the participants can connect with one another through song, beyond the boundaries of country, culture and language, ultimately using positive energy from this experience to continue delivering the message of peace outside of this platform, to the world.

As the first project of “100 Voices, 1 Heart," I've decided to try a crowdfunding campaign for the first time in my life, in order to record and create a music video of a very famous Japanese song, familiar to all generations, called “Wings to Fly (Tsubasa O Kudasai)." The song reminds us of what peace means.

I would like to make this dream come true with support from each one of you who resonates with this concept to spread the message of hope and peace to the world.

Thank you so much!

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